Who Are We Looking For?

For many artists the final realization of a piece of their work has gone through a lengthy process with various phases. There can be countless hours in the preparation, then formulation, and finally, transformation of a particular medium. It is also this journey of creativity that can be just as much, or more, of the satisfaction derived for the end product.

For us, ArtsQuest has been no less a journey of many phases and hard work put in. Should we have chosen a path that did not require long-term thinking; to opt for a get rich quick scheme for a couple of years (if you know of one let us know!), then we would have been gone years ago. But it was our passion for this project that fuelled us on; putting in the time and patience required that allowed our dream to come to fruition.

So we are looking for like-minded artists, with a passion for their creativity and wanting to sell it for fair market value to appreciative customers. We are looking for those that will give it a bit of time, time enough for word of mouth as well as marketing and advertising efforts to reach their ArtsQuest store, and time enough to enjoy the fruits of their labour by being able to participate in the ArtsQuest Profit Sharing Program. Are you that person?

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