Profit Sharing Program

Why Share Profits With Our Artists?

With over 2200 billionaires worldwide and with 45 here in Canada alone, the disparity of wealth between the upper .1% of income earners and the rest is growing every year. There is no doubt that many of these wealthy folks work hard for their money, but so do the rest, and there is typically no greater income gap between the hard work put in and the money coming back, than in the arts! One ceramic artist noted that a mug he made from beginning to end touched his hands twelve times during the whole process. The hourly wage from that? It probably wouldn’t cover a movie and popcorn!

The other question that comes up for us is, “How much money does one need to be happy?” Depending on lifestyle this will vary from person to person, but for us our higher quality of life is explicitly linked to simple things like living close to nature.

All of this leads us to the fact that we see our member artists more as partners; both ArtsQuest and artist working together on a journey to success and prosperity.

Without you there is no us. Thanks for being here.


The ArtsQuest Profit Sharing Program for artists is available for all active members in good standing with their $10/month membership fee.

The Program is very simple.

  1. Currently we will give 30% of the total net profit to artists. If the overall net profit for a particular year was $100,000 that means $30,000 will be shared among the artists.
  2. It will be based on each individual member store’s contribution to the overall marketplace sales in a given year. If your store contributed 5% of the overall sales (as in the example in #1) you would be entitled to $1500 profit share for that particular year.
  3. The profit sharing program will be triggered only when $10,000 net profit is reached or exceeded in any given year.
  4. Net profit is the actual profit after all operating expenses have been paid.
  5. We reserve the right to change or cancel this program at any time.
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