Our Story

Hi, we’re Corinne and Gary Funk, founders of ArtsQuest.ca!

Our mission to create a small-is-beautiful online marketplace, for fine artists and craftspeople from all across Canada, started in 2011.

Our desire to seek out a new life, away from the economic trappings of the urban landscape, led us to a new path, one which fed our passion for a rural lifestyle, one that offered the ability to earn a living from our own home, and one that would serve a large segment of artists living in Canada as a means for their own livelihoods. That path became ArtsQuest, our road less traveled.

With those things in mind, we quit our jobs, sold our house, bought a van and headed across the country with our cat Marli in search of artists to interview and promote on our travel blog.  From British Columbia to Newfoundland and up to Yukon, we clocked over 30,000 km and interviewed 150 artists.

The culmination of these interviews and extensive work put in over many years has resulted in the ArtsQuest.ca marketplace.

We hope you’ll join us on our continued journey.

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