How much does it cost to sell on ArtsQuest?

Is there a contract?

  • No. The membership is monthly.

Is there a product listing fee?

  • No.

Does ArtsQuest take a commission on shipping charges?

  • No. The commission is on the base price of the item which does not include the shipping.

How many images can I put in my store?

  • Unlimited

Do I have to charge GST, PST, or HST?

  • If you are registered with the government to collect tax then yes, you must charge the taxes. If you sell under $30,000/year then this is not required.  We would suggest you consult with a tax expert and stay up to date with the minimum gross income in case it changes.

Do I need a Stripe account?

  • Yes. Once you are approved it can be set up as you set up your AtsQuest store.

Am I responsible for shipping?

  • Yes. Each member is responsible for determining where and when they will ship purchases. Members will decide on their own shipping policy.  This is clearly stated in their store.  See Shipping Suggestions.

How does the return/exchange/refund policy work?

  • Each member determines what their return/exchange/refund policy will be and it must be clearly stated in their store. Note: under the Adaptive Payment system that ArtsQuest has in place with PayPal 100% of any refunded amount will come from the AQ member’s PayPal account.  AQ will refund the commissionable amount to the member once proof of refund has been processed. (E-mail a copy of the PayPal transaction for the refund?)  See Return Policy Suggestions.

How will I know if I have been approved to have an ArtsQuest store?

  • You will receive an e-mail within 48 hours after we receive your application.

What forms of payment can I accept?

  • Through AQ’s e-commerce system you can only accept electronic payments in the form of credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) or debit.

What are the requirements to get approved for an ArtsQuest store?

Can my work be for sale in more than one store?

  • Yes. The exception is one of a kind original works. You may have multiple reproductions of an original that can be in a gallery store as well as in your own ArtsQuest store.  Each store must have on hand or be able to have on hand the quantity that is stated as being available.

Can I sell someone else’s work?

  • You can only sell someone else’s work if you are an authorized representative of the living artist and are selling on their behalf. ArtsQuest does not allow reselling of work that does not directly compensate the artist.

I am a Canadian citizen living in another country.  Can I sell on the ArtsQuest marketplace?

  • No. ArtsQuest is not about citizenship it is about artists living in Canada creating their work within Canada.

What is required of me in order to participate in the ArtsQuest profit sharing program?

What kind of support is available to me?

  • If your question cannot be answered through the FAQ’s we would be happy to assist you further via our customer service e-mail: service@artsquest.ca. If you are a member artist already you can reach us through the internal notifications channel within your store dashboard.

How will customers find my store on ArtsQuest?


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